Rajasthan increases tariff for industries by 12%

#Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission has finally passed tariff order for FY2015-16 following long delays due to incomplete filings — IndiaPowerTrading (@ipt2015) September 23, 2016 #Rajasthan industrial consumers demand open access eligibility for 100 kW and above (current is 1000 kW and above). RERC declines request. — IndiaPowerTrading (@ipt2015) September 23,…

September 23, 2016

Punjab levies additional open access surcharge of Rs 1.13/kWh

PSPCL is already working to file a petition asking to levy additional surcharge on open access transactions between 1 October 2016 and 31 March 2017.

Karnataka issues renewable energy forecasting, scheduling regulations

Renewable energy forecast and scheduling regulations shall be applicable in Karnataka starting 1 December 2016.

Maharashtra sets 15% RPO target for FY2019-20

The latest solar RPO trajectory announced by Maharashtra falls short of the central government’s target of 8% solar RPO by FY2022.

Maharashtra allows full open access, clears way for day-ahead market participation

Maharashtra may see a surge in applications for day-ahead open access. Such a shift may increase the overall demand & clearing prices at power exchanges.

Gujarat levies additional open access surcharge of Rs 0.49/kWh

An additional surcharge of Rs 0.49/kWh shall be levied on open access consumers between 1 April and 30 September 2016.

UPERC takes discoms to task over neglecting short-term market for power procurement

UPERC has directed Uttar Pradesh PCL to explain why it did not procure electricity at cheaper rates from power exchanges during FY2015-16.

MERC clarifies on open access connectivity for wind energy projects

The Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission ruled that open access consumers can procure power from multiple generators.

GERC passes crucial order on approval of open access applications

Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission has sided with the discom to deny NOC for a fresh, additional open access application of less than 1 MW.

SERC order may cut Bihar power demand at IEX

Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission has allowed Bihar SPHCL to procure surrendered power from Adani Energy Limited through open access.


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