IPT Morning Megawatt 14 July 2017

Download IPT Morning Megawatt 14 July 2017

Market Intelligence Summary

  • RTC clearing price dropped 3.2% to multi-day low of Rs 2.39/kWh. Reduced demand and increased supply put pressure on the clearing price. The largest decline in procurement came from Maharashtra which reduced its purchase quantum by 52%, from 18.1 MUs to 8.7 MUs. States like Gujarat and Delhi also reduced their sales sharply.   
  • NORTHERN REGION: Punjab shutdown 2 units of 210 MW capacity each on 13 July citing low demand. The state now has 1,730 MW capacity shut due to low demand, which is about 27% of the total capacity shut in the northern region due to low demand.
  • WESTERN REGION: Gujarat shutdown some units citing low demand which revived few others which had earlier been shut due to low demand.    
  • IMD WEATHER FORECAST: 14 July & 15 July — Extremely heavy rainfall is expected in parts of Gujarat  and Madhya Pradesh while heavy rainfall is expected in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Rains will start to recede from these states starting 16 July. 
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