Morning Megawatt 13 September 2017

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Market Intelligence Summary

  • Cleared volume at IEX touched all-time high of 174.1 MUs as demand continued to increase and was greater than the supply for the eighth consecutive trading session. Buy bids volume increased 7% to 261 MUs while sell bids volume jumped 11% to 188 MUs. All-India RTC clearing price was down marginally to Rs 5.14/kWh.
  • IEX BUYERS: Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Gujarat acquired more than 20 MUs each and together accounted for 68% of the cleared volume. Adding Maharashtra to the fray would increase the share of these six to 74%. Uttar Pradesh more than doubled its procurement from 10.5 MUs to 26.2 MUs. 
  • IEX SELLERS: Madhya Pradesh and Punjab increased their sales to become the top two sellers with sales of over 17 MUs each. Teesta Urja moved around 5 MUs to the short-term market.  A total of 16 thermal IPPs sold at least 1 MUs each on the market.
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