Morning Megawatt 25 November 2016

Morning Megawatt 25 November 2016

Market Intelligence Summary

  • NR: In last two days a 500 MW and 210 MW units of Anpara TPS and 660 MW unit of Lalitpur TPS got shut down due to boiler tube leakage. This forced Uttar Pradesh to increase its power requirement from the grid which went from 3778 MW/hr to 4043 MW/hr which further reciprocated into their increased of procurement from IEX.
  • NR: As the power requirement for Rajasthan had declined from 3500 MW/hr to 3155 MW/hr from the grid which forced them to reduced their procurement from central generating station mainly from Feroze Gandhi Unchchar TPS and from IEX.
  • SR: As for Kerela overall power requirement had increased so their power procurement from central power station got increased mainly from Vallurn Thermal Power Station and Raichur Thermal Power Station in all the time blocks and this caused a decline in IEX procurement in all the time blocks.
  • ER: As Odisha power procurement from central power station had reduced namely from Farakka STPP and Kahalgaon STPS which might have caused them to reduced their sales market at IEX.
  • Rainfall: Possibility of rainfall in isolated parts of Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


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