CERC confirms renewable energy tariffs for FY2013-14; solar PV tariff down 26%

Climate Connect News, 04 March 2013, New Delhi: The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has passed the final order on benchmark renewable energy tariffs applicable to FY2013-14. The order was inline with the expectations and tariffs for all technologies except solar PV and solar thermal have been increased. 

Wind energy tariffs announced as Rs 5.80 per kWh to Rs 3.62 per kWh for wind energy zone 1 to 5 respectively. The new tariffs are about 4.2% higher than the tariffs for FY2012-13. The benchmark wind energy tariff has been increasing consistently since FY2010-11 with the average tariff across wind zones increasing by over 32%. 

Benchmark tariffs for small hydro power projects have been announced for various capacity sizes and states. The average tariffs have been announced as Rs 4.052 per kWh, an increase of 5.33% over the average tariffs for FY2012-13. The average benchmark tariffs have increased by about 29% since FY2010-11. 

Benchmark tariffs for solar PV projects have been announced as Rs 7.87 per kWh compared to Rs 10.69 per kWh in FY2012-13, a decline of over 26%. Tariffs for solar PV projects have fallen by 54% from Rs 17.14 per kWh in FY2009-10. Tariffs for solar thermal projects have been announced as Ra 10.69 per kWh, a decrease of 4.7% from FY2012-13. Since FY2009-10, tariffs for solar thermal power projects have fallen by 14.75%. 

Average tariff for biomass projects across various states for FY2013-14 has been determined as Rs 5.6625 per kWh, an increase of 7.1% over tariff announced in FY2012-13. The tariffs have risen by over 21% since FY2009-10. Average tariff for biofuel cogeneration projects for FY2013-14 has increased by 6.76% to Rs 5.398 per kWh. The average tariffs across states have increased by 8% since FY2009-10 and 33% since FY2010-11. 

* All tariffs mentioned above are levellized tariffs including accelerated depreciation 

Keywords: CERC, Wind Energy, Small Hydro Power, Biomass, Biofuel Cogeneration, Solar PV, Solar Thermal

Author: Climate Connect Newsdesk

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