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New Delhi, October 19 2015: Climate Connect Limited (“Climate Connect”), on 15 October 2015, announced the launch of, a one stop-shop online portal dedicated to provide timely and accurate information related to India’s growing power market. The newest addition to online roster of Climate Connect offer industry-first features and tracks data from over 100 government websites in real-time. also provides daily price forecasts for the day-ahead market. The forecasts are generated using artificial intelligence algorithms and fundamental econometric models and are delivered to the stakeholders every day well before the bidding starts at the power exchanges. uses state-of-the-art, user-friendly interfaces which integrate cutting-edge IT analytical tools with multidimensional data. Users can access a wide variety of data related to the Indian power market including, prices and traded volume, major buyers and sellers from each region, and historical trends in power procurement and sales by all participating entities in the day-ahead and bilateral markets. also offers information on congestion, generation outage and transmission outages in real-time helping traders, buyers and generators take quick and efficient business decisions. Stakeholders can compare, in real-time, the scheduled and actual drawl of each state to identify the next business opportunity. Launch

The online portal was launched at the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum 2015 in Delhi. The event was attended by some of India’s leading power traders, independent power producers, and open access consumers.

Speaking at the sidelines of the Sustainable Business Leadership Forum 2015, Climate Connect CEO and Founder, Nitin Tanwar said, “We believe that the Indian power market is set for a revolutionary change driven by efficient and sustainable business approach. We, through, want to provide the tools to all stakeholders to make their business, whether it may be in power generation, procurement, or facilitating transactions, efficient and financially sustainable. I would like to invite all stakeholders to check out, which we believe is the future of information and business intelligence in the Indian power sector.”

“Power trading can be a straining business, especially with the ever-increasing competition. we strive to increase ease in doing business. We are providing customisable data and analytics solutions that would help a user stay ahead of the competition,” said Saurabh Shrivastava, Product

Apart from the online portal, is also available through an Android application that can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

REGISTER is a revolutionary approach to market research in the Indian power sector, created to give expert insights and analysis.



Daily summary of all power market transactions including bilateral open access segment and power exchanges.