Solar Power Forecast provides forecasting and scheduling services for solar power plants. As per the regulations issued by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission and several state electricity regulatory commissions (SERCs) solar power plants are required to forecast power generation for every time block and submit the schedule to appropriate load dispatch centres. uses minimal additional infrastructure to put in place an end-to-end system to forecast, schedule and report the data to SLDC/RLDC. Plant owner can monitor forecast and scheduling activities in real-time through a dedicated dashboard developed by IPT. already provides forecast and scheduling services to several power plants run by some of India’s largest solar IPPs.’s parent company provides similar solution in European markets..

Solar Power Plant Accuracy

Forecast generation v/s actual generation for an actual 15 MW solar power plant in western India for 11 December 2016. Penalty (for deviation from submitted schedule) for the entire day was zero.

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